Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed
Shinichi Suzuki

When can my child start lessons?

New students starting at age 5 can begin anytime during the year from September until May. 

Do we need to buy a piano?

To fully benefit from lessons your child needs an instrument at home. An acoustic in good condition is preferable; a digital piano (keyboard) must have 88 keys.

Where are lessons held?

In Deux-Montagnes, Quebec.

Can you tell me more about lessons?

There are 32 lessons in the year, divided into four 8-week terms.  Weekly, bi-weekly, and on-demand lessons are available on weekdays. For weekly 30-minute lessons in 2021-2022 the cost is $175 per term .

What are my responsibilities?

Parents play the Suzuki recordings and practice with their children every day in addition to attending lessons.

How long should we practice?

The duration of the practice may vary, but for a 7 year-old beginner, for example, practices should be about 30 minutes every day. Here is a 4.5-minute animated Ted-Ed video showing How playing an instrument benefits your brain.