My Background

Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill.
Shinichi Suzuki

Originally from northern Ontario, Diane Briscoe moved to Europe for five years and studied piano with Mr. Jean Della Valle (diplômé du Conservatoire national supérieur de Paris) and was a pianist-accompanist for the ballet programme at the Conservatoire Régional de Lorient, France. 

  • Returned to Canada to begin university studies, completing a four-year programme in three and was on the Dean’s List. Graduated “Magna Cum Laude” with a B.A. in Arts (Honours Music) at the University of Ottawa, and received several scholarships and awards, including the Frederick Karam scholarship in music education. 
  • On full scholarship awarded by the Department of Music and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Diane successfully completed a Masters of Music degree at the University of Ottawa.
  • Received an A.R.C.T. Piano Teacher Diploma awarded “First Class Honours” by the Royal Conservatory of Music.  
  • Diane has trained with and observed classes of numerous Suzuki pedagogues including Bruce Anderson, Carole Bigler, Mary Craig Powell, Doris Leland Harrel, Merlin Thompson, and Valery Watts.
  • Completed Gr. 7 viola exam in 2015
  • Member of the Quebec Music Teachers’ Association, the Suzuki Association of the Americas, and Suzuki Musique Montréal.

In 2003 Diane was a founding faculty member and Treasurer of the SuzukiPiano Association of Ottawa/Gatineau and worked with many wonderful students and their families. In 2020 she relocated to Deux-Montagnes, Quebec near Montreal.

Articles written by Diane

“Enhanced Learning for Young Music Students: Involving and Motivating Parents” Music Educators Journal – invited to present this paper in Dalian, China, for World Education Day, Sept 2017.

“Parents attending lessons:  Rewards and Challenges” Clavier Companion  Jan. 2018. This article is featured in the Frances Clark Center for Piano Pedagogy teacher training course: “The Beginner Course: Establishing Strong Foundations for Young Pianists.” Also reprinted in Serenade: India’s First Western Classical Music Portal.

Other Articles